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11000 Beograd, Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 10E / n.p. 8, YUBC

Wall beds

SAVE SPACE – The wall beds are folded in 38 cm thick

Takes up minimal space when not in use, or you can use ita s extra bed in hospitals, a student and youth homes, workers' settlements, facilities for lodging, etc.

GET MULTIFUNCIONALITY - in the same area it can provide multiples function – sleeping, working or studying, stowage and living sitting too.

The collection includes all types of pull down wall beds, vertical, horizontal or double wall beds. some are even multifunctional.

You can use any mattress for any weight and type. The only restriction is that the standard thickness of the mattress should not exceed 22 cm.


  • Standard Quality – ISO 9001, Iso 14001
  • Approved products for the domestic market – Laboratory Faculty of Forestry Beograd
  • Foreign certificate - EN normative – Laboratory DGCIS Marseille, France
  • Extended guaranteed product – for series ZP products - 10 years warranty
  • Product design patented - protected design for Series ZP products
  • We design complete interiors
  • We produce customized furniture
  • After-sales services, we always take care of our customers through our loyalty program

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