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Izložbeni prostor sklopivog nameštaja – LE-GO FURNITURE d.o.o.
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11000 Beograd, Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 10E / n.p. 8, YUBC


Often great ideas and innovations can not be implemented because of the constraints that scares existing companies. Therefore, my wife Olga and I moved into private field in 2000. We aim to create a company that will have a distinctive product range.

Rival industry has become recognized for its quality, good business image and frequent calls from people we worked with and with whom we continue cooperating.

The company is growing up and developing. Our product range includes:

FOLDING FURNITURE - A large number of elements, their reduction can save space when the furniture is not in operation or allow multi-functional solutions that are ideal for small areas which need, during the day, to perform different tasks (sleeping, working, eating, etc.) ... Wall beds (single and double), folding tables, shelves

IRON FURNITURE : Beds, tables, chairs, shelves and other products. We design differnt type of iron beds (single and double ). Tables that can have upper plate of steel, wood, glass, , chipboard of MDF, stone, granite or a combination of them. Chairs with large range of shapes and sizes provide choices that fit into any space, small furniture in combination with wood and other materials include: hanger, shelves, chandeliers, , umbrella, elements for fireplaces , table and console covers for radiators, mirrors and so on.

FITNESS PROGRAM - Includes a wide range of exercises equipment ideal for schools, children, adolescents, adults, recreation for disabled and people with special needs. Our furniture offer includes: heating and coordination body tools, cardio program, strengthening, devices for the disabled and other sports equipment (basketball basket, scoreboards for basketball, handball and table tennis, handball goal, posts for soccer, table for chess).

PLAYGROUND - classic toys for children: seesawsswings, roundabouts, slides, various climbing constructions ...

DEVICES FOR THE DISABLED - Widgets and devices that can enable easier movement and recovery of persons with disabilities movements. Steel ramps for easier access in a wheelchair in all types of buildings, motorized ramps for easier access, Various types of holders for the disabled within and outside the buildings. Hydraulic elevators for disabled.

METAL CONSTRUCTIONS - Everything is made of steel, structure and substructure, balcony railings and balustrades, fencing, gates, canopies, steel structures for buildings, warehouses and other metal structures, steel structure staircase with steps made of steel, concrete fence around objects in modern or retro design with wrought iron, steel pipes, stainless steel or aluminum with infill box, installacion network, universal cloth etc..

Stair railings and handrails of wrought iron, steel or stainless steel pipes and profiles with filling in combination with glass, polycarbonate, cables and handrail made of steel, stainless steel, wood. Canopies made of wrought iron or steel pipe with cover of lexan, tempered glass, reinforced glass, TR sheet.

The latest program are SIMULATORS FOR TRAINING FOR FIREFIGHTERS (fire wall, fire tank, fire car). The first such simulator is a firewall installed on the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade

Certificates evidencing the quality of our products:

    Atest Šumarskog fakulteta


    SERTIFIKAT - ISO 14.001





Best regards,

Rival Industrija,

Slobodan Pavicevic

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